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An interesting thought what do you guys think? [Jan. 15th, 2008|12:10 am]


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Hi! again everyone,

I was thinking last night about a interesting question, and thought I wonder what you guys thank. I know this has never been talked about that I know of, I was wondering if in some way shape or form that if Kit and the gang got to come back in new epsiodes what types of episodes would you like to see, and if by some chance Disney decided to maybe use some of the stories writen by are very talented Ts fiction writers who's stories would you like to see Disney make epsiodes out of for excample my picks would be.

Ann. all her stories have a very touching family tone to them that i belave would fit in nicely in a new setting of Kit, and all being a family.

Daring Dan Green.for his drimatic stories such as "Inocence's aboard", and the touching ones like Dream Alittle Dream of Christmas. to name a few

a few others That I know of I forget the writers name but a unfinished story Called return of the stone is another one, and not to plug mine and Chrisno51's aka KCK stories but "Haunting visions" for drama mixed with the story I said above both touch on Plunder & and Lighting in ways.

Just thought I would see what you guys thought and what your picks would be. and, as a what if I made a few disney type episode names for four stories mixed as well.

Episode one. "New begings" Stories used Spread your wings by My self and Chrisno51 mixed with Anns story Up Up and Away my beatuiful Balloon both touh on the Kit, Baloo Becky, and Molly becoming a family.

the Pilot 4 parter named Visions of fear. stories uesd Haunting Visions and return of the stone.

Thanks for your time for reading this long post guys. hope to see what you think I would like to hear your Idea's on this as well.:)



[User Picture]From: svenshinhan
2008-01-15 05:29 pm (UTC)
Well, I've thought about "new" TaleSpin episodes and what I'd like to see in them (ever since I had watched all of them I always wondered). I don't usually go into a lot of detail when musing about these things, but in the case of TaleSpin I'd generally like to see more of the same.

Episodes that stand on their own, or perhaps some two or three parters. But something I'd like to see done differently is more continuity between all the episodes. Watching many of the existing episodes there's virtually no connection between them. If you take Gargoyles, for example, a lot of the episodes are standalone, but tie in to the main story too.

So, perhaps indeed episodes in the style of some of the better fanfiction out there. I mean, we all want two know about Kit's past and they could have easily done a two or three-part episode.

To make a long story short: more continuity, more PL quality episodes, but otherwise just more of what we've already come to love so dearly :)

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[User Picture]From: kit_lee
2008-01-16 05:28 am (UTC)

Thanks Sven.

Hello Seven,

Thanks for your Commet. and ideas on this subject. I could not agree more with what you have said In your post that would be an awsome idea to have more of a connection to between the episodes and speaking of the idea of a tow or three parter on Kit's past as you probly know Ann is working on a story dealing with that very topic as well as including parts on the rest of the gangs past before P&L as well.

As you had said about doing episode tie in's to other eps I relly like that idea for excample the two fiction stories "Haunting visions", and Return of The Stone are both of P&L qualty when I did the rough draft of "Haunting Visions" I was actuly inspired by P&L.

By mixing the two story lines Mine being of Kit seeing in a dream or Vision that the events of P&L happing again mixed with the other stoy line of Baloo finding out a new stone had been made and stolen by the pirats could triger Kits dream. in turn making a great 4 part Pilot ep in the since of P&L.

Any way sorry about my rambling Sevn Thanks again for your input, and ideas I could Not agree more:)

Cheers! in return.



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