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Everything I Need to Know... [Jan. 25th, 2008|10:40 am]



...I Learned from the Disney Afternoon.

My little homage to the great cartoons of: Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale, Gargoyles, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck.

So many great developments and morals these stories had...I pity children today who don't have these great shows.

--- Ulisa

Ulisa's tribute to the cartoons that made up The Disney Afternoon. This is the new version which was promised by Ulisa via the posting of the original video to Cloudkicker's by Kit Lee.

Music features Affirmation by Savage Garden.

Tom Cloudkicker

[User Picture]From: kit_lee
2008-01-26 07:16 am (UTC)

Thank you Tom for reposting Ulisa's Wonderful Video.


Got your message on Ulisa reposting the verson of her newest video. Thank you for leting us all know about the update my friend. another great 5 star video from Mrs, Barbic, and I could not agree more with

the info Ulisa gave with the video. Cartoon's today just dont have the same charm the Disney afternoon's cartoon's stories had. Thanks again for the Update Tom,and to Ulisa Keep up the great work:)

Your Friend,

Kit Lee

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