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A question on a new Talespin Idea I had [Jun. 10th, 2008|03:17 am]


[mood |creativecreative]

Hello! my friend's and fellow Cloudkickers,

Hello! Guy's and Girls,

It's been a while. I was wanting to ask every one what they thought of an idea I came up with. the idea is this I was thinking of doing a few short comic type skits with Kit something along the lines of the old sonic says part at the end of the old adventures of sonic cartoon. any way the idea

would be Kit talking about different things such as flying, and others etc. but with a funny type ending for each skit. I know it might sound like a odd idea but I was inspired by the a few skits I have read by ann on Talespin Highflight I was as well inspired by a comic that was posted on the talespin lj a few monts ago with Karnage.

the short verson of the idea is I was going if you guy's like the idea do a few short one's and maybe if any one that draws would like to talk to me about making kind of a short comic to go along with it. as some of you know I used to write Ts fanfiction but I no longer have time between my work and such to do many full stories and more. so this was like a way to do something fun and hopefuly funny for my friends and fellow Ts fans.

I was just wondering what all of you thought I would really like some feedback to see if it a good idea or not.:)

Hope to hear from you all soon and hope you like the idea I'll explane more if there's any question.

All the best

Kit Lee