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Some Info On Disney Costume Characters relating to Talespin

Hello! Tom and My fellow Cloudkicker's,

I'm writing this message to Give all of you some wonderful Info. Just the other day I Called Disney world in Flordia about how to becaome a Costume Character Proformer. In this conversation I told the Lady I talked to That I would really like to audition for this Job she was more then happy to tel me How. But another Great think from this call was I metioned Kit Cloudkicker to her and that I would Love to play his part, and her reply was that she wasnt sure

but that could be a possablty but she want sure if his character would be in the list of one's I could play but It would be a chance. any way I replyed to that comment If in some way could Disney find It in there hearts to Bring Kit Back would be wonderful she replyed You as well as me Know The Magic of Disney You Just Never know Kit Just Might so I'm guessing with enough request or demand to see Kit they could just maybe bring him back:) as you can probly tell my jaw hit the floor when she said that I think she just took my saying as A request for

Kit to come back. so what I wonted to do is This for you guys My friend's In calling Disney I ask for there main email and they gave me this guy's this email if they do take request may just be a way to be able to get Kit or any talespin Character Back at Disney how cool would that be? also you might need to spell Communication's the way I just did with a ' before the s. Tom I Give you premission to share this with or fellow Kit fans at you new Board as well I hope that this in some

small way was a good Idea. also I cant Talk much on it now but in a year or so or maybe two I going to Disney To audistion to become a disney Costume character if I pass and they bring kit back with enough people wonting to see him again I just might well I let you all guess;) It could happen now though Disney does not like to say who is playing a walk around character But I gave you a hinton who I might get but It's not set I have to keep a open Mind so any one would be great old character thats a for sure:) any way in closing I just wonted to share this info and that that call to disney tell's me that they haven't given up on Talespin or the disney afternoon Character's:)

Your's Truly

Kit Lee

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