Some Info On Disney Costume Characters relating to Talespin

Hello! Tom and My fellow Cloudkicker's,

I'm writing this message to Give all of you some wonderful Info. Just the other day I Called Disney world in Flordia about how to becaome a Costume Character Proformer. In this conversation I told the Lady I talked to That I would really like to audition for this Job she was more then happy to tel me How. But another Great think from this call was I metioned Kit Cloudkicker to her and that I would Love to play his part, and her reply was that she wasnt sure

but that could be a possablty but she want sure if his character would be in the list of one's I could play but It would be a chance. any way I replyed to that comment If in some way could Disney find It in there hearts to Bring Kit Back would be wonderful she replyed You as well as me Know The Magic of Disney You Just Never know Kit Just Might so I'm guessing with enough request or demand to see Kit they could just maybe bring him back:) as you can probly tell my jaw hit the floor when she said that I think she just took my saying as A request for

Kit to come back. so what I wonted to do is This for you guys My friend's In calling Disney I ask for there main email and they gave me this guy's this email if they do take request may just be a way to be able to get Kit or any talespin Character Back at Disney how cool would that be? also you might need to spell Communication's the way I just did with a ' before the s. Tom I Give you premission to share this with or fellow Kit fans at you new Board as well I hope that this in some

small way was a good Idea. also I cant Talk much on it now but in a year or so or maybe two I going to Disney To audistion to become a disney Costume character if I pass and they bring kit back with enough people wonting to see him again I just might well I let you all guess;) It could happen now though Disney does not like to say who is playing a walk around character But I gave you a hinton who I might get but It's not set I have to keep a open Mind so any one would be great old character thats a for sure:) any way in closing I just wonted to share this info and that that call to disney tell's me that they haven't given up on Talespin or the disney afternoon Character's:)

Your's Truly

Kit Lee

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A question on a new Talespin Idea I had

Hello! my friend's and fellow Cloudkickers,

Hello! Guy's and Girls,

It's been a while. I was wanting to ask every one what they thought of an idea I came up with. the idea is this I was thinking of doing a few short comic type skits with Kit something along the lines of the old sonic says part at the end of the old adventures of sonic cartoon. any way the idea

would be Kit talking about different things such as flying, and others etc. but with a funny type ending for each skit. I know it might sound like a odd idea but I was inspired by the a few skits I have read by ann on Talespin Highflight I was as well inspired by a comic that was posted on the talespin lj a few monts ago with Karnage.

the short verson of the idea is I was going if you guy's like the idea do a few short one's and maybe if any one that draws would like to talk to me about making kind of a short comic to go along with it. as some of you know I used to write Ts fanfiction but I no longer have time between my work and such to do many full stories and more. so this was like a way to do something fun and hopefuly funny for my friends and fellow Ts fans.

I was just wondering what all of you thought I would really like some feedback to see if it a good idea or not.:)

Hope to hear from you all soon and hope you like the idea I'll explane more if there's any question.

All the best

Kit Lee

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New Talespin Music Video By BalooBobola. The Treasure Hunters Story

Hello! Everyone,

Just wanted to share a new Ts Music Video with you guys. this one comes form BalooBobola as many of you remember He did the video Baloo's Glory awhile back BalooBobola Is back with another great Talespin Music Video called The

Treasure Hunters Story. The video is about Baloo and the gangs Treasure Hunting side Mr Bobola has made another great 5 star video here Heres the link He had embedding Taken off of this video sorry guys would do it that way insted if I could.

Please Enjoy the Video My friends Music in the Video Nightwish-Last of The Wilds

Kit Lee

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A thought for a new TaleSpin music video.

I mentioned about this on High Flight a little back, but thought I would ask about it here on the Cloudkickers LJ as well as the TaleSpin LJ.

I've had a thought for quite sometime of what might make a good new TaleSpin music video, like one a user could put up on You Tube or something similar. There's many great TS music videos on there. I don't think this one has been done though.

I was thinking it would be cool to see if someone could make one with scenes from the episodes "Flight School Confidential" and "Stormy Weather", and using the song "It's My Turn To Fly" by "The Urge".

In case you are not familiar with the song I'm referring to, you can take a listen to it here:

I don't make music videos at all. Though I thought this would make a great one. It's just a thought. What do you guys think of it?

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Hello, Fellow Cloudkickers!

Just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that JoeltheSwedishDragon from Youtube has posted a new video. This time Jole made the video with a song thats in his native langue of Swedish in which he use's Kit, Baloo, and Louie as if they were sing the song. Though I don't

understand Swedish my self Jole did translate the song in his info of the video. The video is called Luftens Hjältar - Ville, Baloo och Louie sjunger ut.Translated it reads Tale Spin - Kit, Baloo and Louie with his isle band sings out with Kit as the star.

Joels words on his lates are.Words I have to say:
I listen once to the music and then I had a feeling that I should do a Swedish TS Music Video of it.

In this video; as the title says, Kit, Baloo and Louie with his isle band sings out with Kit as the star, Markoolio, and Baloo with Louie are the Boppers.
Hope you´ll all enjoy it even if it´s in my sort of country language.

Hope you all enjoy Joels lates I thought it was really clever and neat how he came up with this.

Edit: Just to let you all know after reading over the translation Joel provided the song used has some cussing in it while I dont cuss my self I just wanted to point this out for everyone as to not offend any one.also from what I get from the song used its like Kit and all being in modern times as in that the songs main singer is talking about liking rap and hip hop or rap music,and that culture,and the rest talking about rock n roll as I said above I don't understand Swedish my self so I wanted to try to explane some of this better after reading the translation of the video. sorry for a long post guy's.

Edit 2: first thanks to Chrisno51 who brought this to my attetion Joel did take his video down but it has just been reuploaded. Thanks again to Chris for letting me know new link posted at top.:)

Kit Lee

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The Bear Necessities...and All That Jazz!

Long before there was another Tale to Spin, there was the Bare Necessities. In the 1960s, Buena Vista Records released an album featuring some of the best known and beloved songs from Walt Disney films of the past; including a selection from a new (at that time) offering from the Jungle Book. It would be the final film produced by Walt Disney, himself.

This featured artist has been around music for about as long as there has been any kind of media to record music. Born in New Orleans in August of 1901, he rose from dire poverty to become the brightest-shining star in American music history.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Performing the Bare Necessities from Walt Disney's animated adaptation of the Jungle Book...Mr. Louis Armstrong.

Tom Cloudkicker

Everything I Need to Know...

...I Learned from the Disney Afternoon.

My little homage to the great cartoons of: Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale, Gargoyles, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck.

So many great developments and morals these stories had...I pity children today who don't have these great shows.

--- Ulisa

Ulisa's tribute to the cartoons that made up The Disney Afternoon. This is the new version which was promised by Ulisa via the posting of the original video to Cloudkicker's by Kit Lee.

Music features Affirmation by Savage Garden.

Tom Cloudkicker

An interesting thought what do you guys think?

Hi! again everyone,

I was thinking last night about a interesting question, and thought I wonder what you guys thank. I know this has never been talked about that I know of, I was wondering if in some way shape or form that if Kit and the gang got to come back in new epsiodes what types of episodes would you like to see, and if by some chance Disney decided to maybe use some of the stories writen by are very talented Ts fiction writers who's stories would you like to see Disney make epsiodes out of for excample my picks would be.

Ann. all her stories have a very touching family tone to them that i belave would fit in nicely in a new setting of Kit, and all being a family.

Daring Dan Green.for his drimatic stories such as "Inocence's aboard", and the touching ones like Dream Alittle Dream of Christmas. to name a few

a few others That I know of I forget the writers name but a unfinished story Called return of the stone is another one, and not to plug mine and Chrisno51's aka KCK stories but "Haunting visions" for drama mixed with the story I said above both touch on Plunder & and Lighting in ways.

Just thought I would see what you guys thought and what your picks would be. and, as a what if I made a few disney type episode names for four stories mixed as well.

Episode one. "New begings" Stories used Spread your wings by My self and Chrisno51 mixed with Anns story Up Up and Away my beatuiful Balloon both touh on the Kit, Baloo Becky, and Molly becoming a family.

the Pilot 4 parter named Visions of fear. stories uesd Haunting Visions and return of the stone.

Thanks for your time for reading this long post guys. hope to see what you think I would like to hear your Idea's on this as well.:)


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Talespin Hero's return part 2

Hi Guy's

Just wanted to post a new ts video for you all this one is short of part 2 to Joel the Swedish Dragon's heavy metal salute to Kit and Baloo . The Music is still from the Metal band, Hammerfall. Hero's return This time joel used Plunder & Lighting

Joel's words on this his latest are I know, I had allready done a "Hammerfall - Hero´s return", but I wasn´t so pleased with the first Hope you like this one better.


I liked both my self But Plunder & Lighting does fit a bit better for the song used still i like both:) Hope you guys enjoy.

Kit Lee

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